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I’ve been lucky to meet jenna twice, shes one of the nicest people I’ve met, the first time I met her it was really quick because there were lots of people at the merchandise table, but the second time I met her we had a few minutes. so I had VIP for mayday parade for their MD show on 10/15/14, the venue (9:30 club) has two floors so i noticed her walking, i tweeted her saying stuff like ‘can you please go down to where mayday are doing there M&G’ and simple stuff like that, i only tweeted her like twice i don’t know if she saw them but a few minutes later  i saw her talking to someone, and i heard her say how she really wasn’t supposed to be down there because she had an interview, when i went up to her i asked for a photo and she said of course, and i told her i was a huge fan and she smiled and said thank you and we talked a little, then they called her to go up stairs, and she apologized for not being able to talk any longer,she told me to enjoy the show and she waved before leaving.i think that is so sweet of her to meet fans when she isn’t supposed to and it shows how much she cares. i love her so much. and im happy that she took the time to talk to me.

Issues - The Worst Of Them [x]my edit, not my picture. don’t remove this caption, please.

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Tonight Alive at The Hi-Fi Melbourne 10/9/14 by Alesha Martyn (x)Please do not remove credit